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Menu at the Pie Shoppe

We have 27 flavors of fried pies on our menu at the pie shoppe in Whitehouse, Texas.  

Our menu includes sweet, seasonal, breakfast, lunch and dinner fried pies.  Each pie is handmade from scratch.  Our crust is light and flaky and our fillings are delicious.  

Our Mother passed down the recipe for our light and flaky crust.  We have dedicated our business to our Mother because without her love, kindness and nurturing, we wouldn't be here.  She shared everything with us and we are honored to share our pies with y'all.  Each one is made by hand and fried especially for you.  We hope you enjoy them! 

Sweet fried pies



Ripe Washington apples are cooked to perfection and seasoned with special spices for the best flavor.  This fried pie is wrapped in our light and flaky crust and fried to perfection.

$ 2.75


Premium, plump Mediterranean apricots are slow cooked with spices until just the right consistency; then fried until the crust is golden.

$ 2.75

Apricot (Sugar-Free) sweentened with Splenda®

Premium, plump Mediterranean apricots are slow cooked with spices until just the right consistancy.  We sweeten this pie with Splenda® for those desiring a sugar-free pie.  A golden crust finishes this pie.

$ 2.75


Large, juicy blackberries from Oregon are inside the flaky crust of this fried pie.  These blackberries have great flavor and you'll just love them.

$ 2.75


Washington cherries will delight you when you eat this crispy fried pie.  The rich red color of the cherries combined with the beautiful golden crust will make you smile.

 $ 2.75


Luscious chocolate is slowly cooked to make the most wonderful cream fried pie you can imagine.  This fried pie is adored by many chocolate lovers.   


Contains wheat, egg and milk ingredients.  May contain tree nuts and peanuts.

$ 2.75


Lovely shredded coconut is combined with milk and cooked to a rich cream and wrapped in our light and flaky crust.  This pie is one of our favorites.  Try it, you will love it!

Contains milk and coconut ingredients.  May contain other tree nuts and peanuts.

$ 2.75

German Chocolate

You won't believe you're not eating a slice of german chocolate cake.  We combine a divine chocolate with beautiful coconut and large pecans, wrap them in our famous light and flaky crust and fry to perfection.

Contains wheat, milk, egg and coconut ingredients.  May contain other tree nuts and peanuts. 

$ 2.75


This legendary lemon pie will make you smile.  The beautiful yellow center and the outer golden crust is as beautiful as the sunshine on a summer day.

Contains wheat and egg ingredients.  May contain tree nuts and peanuts.

$ 2.75


The best Georgia peaches are cooked to make the perfect filling for this fried pie.  The flaky crust adds to the texture making this one of our top sellers.

$ 2.75


Large Texas pecans are added to our cooked ingredients that make the pecan fried pie taste exactly like that whole pie we all love.   

Contains wheat and egg ingredients.  May contain tree nuts and peanuts.

$ 2.75


Tropical pineapple is joined by citrus and cooked to the perfect stage before making this heavenly fried pie.   

Contains egg ingredients.

$ 2.75

Seasonal fried pies

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Pies will be back next fall! 

We cook Texas sweet potatoes and add the many spices before stuffing the center of the light and flaky crust.  This is a favorite for the fall and winter months.  Wow!! you will love it!

Contains egg ingredients.

$ 2.75

Breakfast fried pies

Bacon and egg

Hickory smoked bacon is fried and folded with farm fresh eggs to make the awesome breakfast fried pie.

Contains egg ingredients.

$ 2.75

Gravy and sausage

Pork sausage is the headliner drenched in gravy for this traditional southern favorite.  Who needs the biscuits with our fabulous crust. 

Contains wheat and milk ingredients.

$ 2.75

Potato, egg and cheese

Idaho potatoes, farm fresh eggs, Wisconsin cheese, green and red bell peppers and Texas onions are skillfully combined for this hardy breakfast fried pie.  No need for toast with our incredible crust. 

Contains egg and milk ingredients.

$ 2.75

Sausage, egg and cheese
Pork sausage, fresh eggs and Wisconsin cheese are cooked until the flavors pop.  Try this one with picante for an extra kick.

Contains egg and milk ingredients.

$ 2.75

Lunch and dinner fried pies

Chicken Pot Pie
Premium chicken breast is combined with potatoes, sweet peas, carrots and celery, then smothered in cream and wrapped in our awesome crust for a full meal.

Contains milk ingredients.

$ 2.75

Natchitoches Meat
Ground beef, ground pork, onion, celery, green bell pepper, garlic and spices are the stars of this Louisiana favorite.  Try ours, it's the best!

$ 3.50

Party Platters

We offer our party platters in our sweet fried pie flavors.  48 hours advance notice gives us time to prepare our miniature fried pies especially for you. 

Why not order one for your office party today?

Our party platters are filled with 24 miniature fried pies.  Customize your platter with the flavors of your choice. 

Call the pie shoppe at 903-871-8100 and place your order.


$ 39.95

Whole Pies

With our flaky butter crust, our whole pies are irresistible. For $14.99, you can choose from apple, buttermilk, blackberry, cherry, chocolate meringue, coconut meringue, egg custard, lemon or peach.  Purchase a beautiful pecan pie for $16.99.  We also consider special request for that flavor you are craving. 

Why not order a whole chicken pot pie for the meal you don't have time for.  This flavorful, delicious pie is available for $14.99.

Call the pie shoppe at 903-871-8100 to place your order.  48 hours advance notice is appreciated, but not required, on whole pie orders.

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